Use Case

This is useful in the following cases.

How to use basicaly

  1. Create tidy-box.
  2. Display the box screen by tapping the created box icon.
  3. Display the QR code screen and save the QR code.
  4. Paste the QR code to the storage location.
  5. Scan the QR code and register the item on the displayed box screen.
  6. If necessary, take a picture on the item screen.

It is also possible to register the items first without creating the tidy-box. In that case, all items will go into the "temp" box.

Change name of tidy-box

You can change the box name in the dialog box that appears by tapping the box name on the box screen.

Access to data

The following data will be saved in each folder under the "QRTidy" folder on the iPhone.

You can access these folders from the Files app on your iPhone or Mac connected via USB.

When accessing from Mac, open any folder and check the "File" item of the iPhone device displayed in the sidebar.

Export data

The exported data will be output to the "QRTidy/export" folder.

The data is UTF-16 character-encoded and output in tab-delimited (TSV) format.

You can edit this file with any popular text editor, Numbers, Excel, etc.

Import data

Place the import file in the "QRTidy/import" folder with the name "qrtidy.txt".

The "qrtidy.txt" file must be a tab-delimited (TSV) file with UTF-16 character-encoded.

The first line requires the proper header. Use the export file to create the correct format file.

The first column of the data is the box name, which is required. Rows without data in the first column will not be imported.

Delete all data

All the created boxes, registered item data, and photo files will be deleted.

The files in the "export" folder, "import" folder, and "qrcode" folder are not deleted. These files will be deleted when you delete the app.