Terms of service

To use the Service(ArtGuild), please agree to the terms of service of us(Neusara LLC) set out following.

  1. The Service provides a place and a means to enjoy drawing and share it with others. Therefore, please do not publish works in the gallery that hurt or offend others.

    For example, the following content is prohibited.

  2. Please allow other members(including guest users) who use the Service to use the works published in the gallery for their own works.

    The work produced in this way (work data, exported image files and video files) is a derivative work.

  3. If you want to use the derivative work in a place other than the Service, please display all the reference gallery IDs together with the work.

    (e.g.) ArtGuild: ID1, ID2, ID3, ...

  4. The Service is provided free of charge. We will try to improve the Service and protect the data as much as possible, but we do not guarantee them.

  5. In addition, please understand that we do not take any responsibility for any disadvantage caused by using the Service.