About member registration and authentication

The Service uses email link authentication. Email link authentication does not require a password. Receive your email address on your iPad and tap the link to complete the authentication.

If you tap the link on another device, it will be disabled.

Differences between members and guest users

Currently, there is no difference in the functionality you can use. However, guest users cannot switch users or use them as the same user from another iPad.

Become a member from a guest user

Guest users can become members on the settings menu. All created works will be inherited.

Show or hide the toolbar

You can toggle by double tapping with finger on the screen.

Disable or Enable to draw with finger

You can toggle at menu of Tool Picker.

Move Layer Panel

You can move Layer Panel by dragging header of panel.

Change layer name

You can change layer name by long tapping on the layer name.

Use works data of other users in the gallery

Please register the work as a favorite on the gallery.You can use it by importing your favorite work into a layer from the import menu of the layer panel.

Edit the same work from another iPad

Currently, we don't implement the ability to properly sync your work between different devices, so we recommend that you continue to edit your work only on the same device.

However, if you want to move to another iPad, you can download all the works published in the gallery with the download function of "Manage Works" in the setting menu .

Create an animation

Animation is achieved by playing multiple works in sequence. Set the same series name in the information menu of each work you want to animate. You can see the animation in the play menu on the toolbar.

If necessary, set the animation order and speed in the information menu.

Copy and paste the drawing to another layer

Copy and paste is only possible within the same layer. If you want to paste it on another layer, duplicate that layer instead.

About the underlay function

The underlay function on the toolbar is used when you want to trace or refer to the image.

The image to be used as an underlay is not included in the work.

About posting images to Twitter

You can select a file in the app's Work Library, Image Library or GIF Library.

You can output the image of your work to the Image Library by using the image export function of the toolbar.

You can create a GIF file with the export function in the play menu .

Extract files in the library

Use the "Files" app on your iPad or connect your iPad to your Mac to access the app's data. The folder structure is as follows.

Find out if it is an original work or a derivative work

If the reference gallery ID is displayed in the work information menu , it is a derivative work.